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About Us

"Bulit Glass” Ltd. is a producer of tempered glass, laminated glass and insulating glass units. The company was found in the year 2000 as a Bulgarian-Italian joint venture between companies "Lucky Glass” Ltd. and  "Curvet Group Holding” Spa. In 2013, after a change in ownership, the company became 100% Bulgarian.

"Lucky Glass” Ltd. was found in 1995 in Varna, Bulgaria. The company specialized in production of flat temepred glass for the automotive industry. In 1996 the production range expanded with bent glass for the refrigeration and furniture industries. At this time the company no longer produces bent glass and glass for the automotive industry.

Today we proudly employ specialist with over 25 years of experience in the glass industry. The company is a producer of tempered glass for the architecture since 2004. In 2005. we began specializing in the production of insulating glass units for conventional and structural glazing. Since 2006 we are participating in the construction of numerous remarkable projects around the country and we also have presence around Europe, Asia and Africa.

Throughout the years the company exapands its production range by constantly innovating and investing in new technolgoies and equipment. We produce a wide range of products for the interior and exterior in accordance with EU standards. Our goal is to be a reliable partner and employer. We highly value and develop our team, as well as the professional and human relations with our parners and clients.

"Bul-It Glass” Ltd. is ISO9001:2015 certified and we have laboratory certificates for our main products: temepred and heat strengthened glass, laminated glass and insulating glass units.


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