Glass Processing


We offer glass processing of any regular as well as irregular shapes.


Fully automatic cutting line, by Lisec, Austria.

Processed glass

  • Max. size 6000mm õ 3210 mm
  • Thickness from 3 mm to 25 mm
  • Low-e glass with soft coating

Cutting of laminated glass:

Under construction.

Edge work of rectangles:

  • Processed glass   flat edge (F.A.)
  • Processed glass   pencil edge (C)
  • Processed glass   OJ
  • Processed glass   Bevel

Edge work of shapes

Numeric controlled work center MasterEdge by Intermac, Italy.

Processed glass


Diameter from 4mm to 160 mm.

Processed glass

Tempering requirements:

  • Min. diameter d >= G + 1ìì , G = glass thickness in mm.
  • Min. distance from the edge: d >= 3*G
  • Min. distance from an adjacent opening: d >= 2*G
  • Min. diagonal distance from the edge: d >= 4*G
  • See a sketch