Tempered Glass

"Bulit Glass" Ltd. is a producer of tempered glass with different color and coating. The tempered glass is produced in accordance to standards EN 12150, EN 14072, ISO 3904, ISO 1095, ISO 3254.

Technical Data:

Glass thickness:

  • 4mm - 19mm

Glass type:

  • clear
  • colored
  • low-e and hard coating

Min. size:

  • 300mm/160mm

Max size:

  • With thickness of 4mm - 1800/2800mm
  • With thickness from 5mm to 19mm - 2400/4800mm

Size ratio:

  • When the longer side is less than 1450mm - 1:10
  • When the longer side is more than 1450mm - 1:8

Conditions for successful tempering.

Comparison data:

  Tempered glass Regular glass
Weight per mm. 2,5 kg/m2 2,5 kg/m2
Resistance to changing temperature 150 oK 40 oK
Breaking resistance 120 N/mm2 45 N/mm2
Breakage small cuboid safe fragments irregular shards with sharp edges
Secondary processing No Yes


  • For the interior: glass railings, glass doors, glass stairs.
  • For the furniture industry: shelves and doors.
  • In insulating glass units.
  • Ceiling fragments.
  • Interior glazing for sports facilities.
  • Safe glass for rail and agricultural vehicles.
  • Ship windows.
  • More...