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Glass Sandblasting

The glass sandblasting process consists in taking away minuscule pieces off of the surface of the glass in a controlled fashion and thus drawing various shapes and images. The glass is then treated with a special chemical to seal the sandblasted areas and ensure no contaminants such as fingerprints or marks from cleaning materials stick to the surface. Nevertheless, the glass needs to be cleaned and handled with care. Cleaning sandblasted areas with rough materials and aggressive detergents may damage the surface and worsen the visual appearance of the glass. It is recommended that sandblasted glass is cleaned with moist soft and clean cloth or with a diluted glass cleaning product.

Digital processing of protective foil allows us to practically put any image on a glass, which makes this a great interior design solution. By controlling the sandblasting pressure it possible to achieve a different opacity of sandblasting, also called a "gradient” effect.

The ceramic glass print is a good contemporary alternative to the sandblasting, especially for more complex shapes and images. By printing with a very thin layer of ink we can replicate the sandblasted appearance. A big plus of this alternative solution is the rigidity of the ceramic ink, which helps with the maintenance of the glass.


Technical specifications:

Minimal thickness4 mm
Maximum thickness50 mm
Minimal dimensions200 x 300 mm
Maximum dimensions2000 x 3000 mm
Maximum weight350 kg

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