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Tempered Glass

"Bulit Glass" Ltd. is a producer of tempered glass with different color and coating. The tempered glass is produced in accordance to standards EN 12150, EN 14072, ISO 3904, ISO 1095, ISO 3254.

Our tempering furnace is manufactured by GlassTech, USA.

Technical Data:

Glass thickness:

  • 4mm - 19mm

Glass type:

  • clear
  • colored
  • hard coating

Min. size:

  • 300mm/160mm

Max size:

  • With thickness of 4mm - 1220/2440mm
  • With thickness from 5mm to 19mm - 2140/3800mm

Size ratio:

  • When the longer side is less than 1450ìì - 1:10
  • When the longer side is more than 1450ìì - 1:8

Conditions for successful tempering.

Comparison data:

 Tempered glassRegular glass
Weight per mm.2,5 kg/m22,5 kg/m2
Resistance to changing temperature150 oK40 oK
Breaking resistance120 N/mm245 N/mm2
Breakagesmall cuboid safe fragmentsirregular shards with sharp edges
Secondary processingNoYes


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