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Structural glazing IGU

Structural glazing distinguishes itself from the conventional by the assemling method of its components. Unlike the conventional, the structural glazing units are separated only by a silicone joints.

Assembly methods

Structural glazing units are assembled with help of very flexible and tough silicones to a frame, which is then mechanically installed on the base structure of the facade. The assembling occurs at production stage in order to avoid any possible accidents on the construction site. Numerous tests for silicone toughness and functionallity are made prior and throughout the whole production process.

Bulit Glass Ltd. partners with the world leader in the field of structural silicones Dow Corning. In the beginning of 2007 we were officially licensed by Dow Corning as a producer of structural glazing units.


Types of structural glazing units

Manufacturing peculiarities

Trial norms

Safety is priority number one when manufacturing structural glazing units. The following tests take place prior and during the production process:

  • Structural silicone adhesion test (how it sticks to other glass and the frame)
  • Structural silicone compatability with other materials (e.g. spacer)


Due to possible optical deviations caused by glass inflation, we recommend a thicker outer glass with no more than 2mm. difference. The optimal combination would be 8mm outer and 6mm inner glass sheet.

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